3v3 Hockey

by David Breen in June 2nd, 2017

The original idea behind the creation of Micro Ice was meant for 3v3 unstructured hockey. There are tons of benefits to just playing the game and learning on your own. On the mini sheet at Micro Ice, players are forced to engage in the play, make quicker decisions, read and react, along having tons of fun along the way. It benefits everyone, regardless of skill or ability level. In our Summer College/Junior program, we end each session playing 3v3. The Bruins use 3v3 at their development camp.Two other coaches at Bruins Development Camp: Jay Pandolfo (Assistant Coach, Boston Bruins, and Kim Brandvold, Skills and Skating Coach Boston Bruin), also have Micro Ice connections.

This summer we are running 3v3 on Sunday afternoons for kids of all ages. We split the players up based off of ability to ensure that everyone is being challenged and having fun.

Pre-Mite/Mite (Newer players) Sundays at 1pm

Mite/Squirt (Advanced Mites/ New Squirts) Sundays at 2pm

Squirt/Peewee (Advanced Sq uirts/ Peewees) Sundays at 3pm

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