A Correlation To Colvin By Lee-J Mirasolo

by David Breen in May 29th, 2017


Many believe it is hard work that turns dreams into reality, but we at Micro Ice know differently. Do not misunderstand us. Hard work is an essential part of success both on the ice and off, but if it is not supplemented with smart work over an extended period of time, you are only running in place, or more specifically, skating in place.

Our beliefs run parallel to those of Geoff Colvin, author of Talent is Overrated. An article in the Wall Street Journal highlights Colvin’s primary point by explaining that a “disciplined focus on weakness and relentless effort to improve” are two crucial elements to being triumphant. Talent can only carry a player so far because eventually dedication in the appropriate setting will surpass it. At Micro Ice, we ask players to put forth their best effort as they can expect the same from us. We spend time planning our regimented programs in order that they provide the proper method for athletes to learn the skills through repetition and muscle memory.

Colvin suggests that a significant factor in gaining an edge on the competition is to start young. Micro Ice believes that by providing the proper guidance and leadership to our youth hockey players and using an appropriate training method, children will develop into the players that they can be in the most efficient and effective way. At Micro Ice, players are introduced to the knowledge necessary for success at a young age during our Learn to Play Hockey and Youth 3 on 3 programs. It is through these mediums that players are able to begin absorbing the knowledge of the game before many of their peers.

The one aspect that Micro Ice believes in, but Colvin neglects to mention, is the notion of fun. The most important facet of hockey, especially for young participants, is their enjoyment of the sport. At Micro Ice, we strive for children to have the best experience possible in our facility. We value fun because without it, players lose their passion for a sport that they love and, in turn, lose their will to improve.

Our focus at Micro Ice is to turn potential into ability through repetition while providing an environment conducive to enjoyment for all ages, especially our young participants. Micro Ice’s ultimate objective is to turn dreams into reality in an exciting manner.

 Colvin’s theory includes the notion that “great performance comes down to one thing more than any other: deliberate practice.” Improving cannot be mindless, but instead must be focused on and driven by desired results. At Micro Ice, we meticulously plan our programs in order that participants turn their potential into ability in the most efficient manner.

Most people enjoy those activities that they are good at and dislike those that they struggle with. However, the only way to improve, and in turn, enjoy those endeavors that prove difficult is by repetition.

Lee-J Mirasolo was a 4-year player for Boston College Womens Hockey Team, graduating in spring 2008. Lee-J currently works for Micro Ice and Body By Boyle as Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

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