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by David Breen in May 29th, 2017

APRIL 17TH, 2017

Why Would You Want to Play for Micro Ice?

At Micro Ice, we have professional coaches that care about the Long Term Athletic Development of our players. We teach the game to players the right way. We focus on skating, skill development, and being great teammates. We do not focus on tactics, systems, dumping the puck or winning.

Instead we work on building confidence with the puck, making plays, and recovering from mistakes. We have a great atmosphere where kids learn, develop, and love coming to the rink.

Program Details

We will practice 3 times per week. The ideal practice to game ratio is 3:1 and we do the best to adhere to that along with being cognizant of the fact that these players are 9 and 10 years old. Two practices per week will be more skill/skating development focused and one will be more small area games/scrimmage focused. These practice times will be set for the entire year, there are no changes to our ice availability, and families can plan out their weeks in advanced.

We will play in the Valley Hockey League’s 35 game schedule. This is the same league that all of the local town organizations play in. (We are not in control of where/when the games are…Sorry!)

All practices will be run by David Breen. I am the Program Director at Micro Ice, I am an assistant coach at Bentley University, and I have over 15 years of skill development experience. I have a unique, but science based approach to how I run practices and develop players. As an NCAA coach, I know that there is not a rush or a need to win games at this age level. 

For more information please contact me: David@microicecenters.com

David Breen

Program Director

Micro Ice Training Centers of America, North Andover MA 01845

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