Checking Clinic  (5 sessions, 8/24 - 8/25 - 8/26 - 8/30 - 8/31)

Bantams: @ 8pm



Learn to Skate  (4 weeks, 7/25-8/22-No Class 8/8)

All ages: Sundays @ 9am

All ages: Sundays @ 10pm

Learn to Play  (5 weeks, 7/25-8/22)

All ages: Sundays @ 11am

All ages: Sundays @ 12pm

Stickhandling & Shooting - 3 vs 3 (5 weeks, 7/25-8/22)

Mites: Sundays @ 1:00pm

Squirts: Sundays @ 2:00pm

Peewees & Bantams: Sundays @ 3:00pm


Acceleration Clinic  (5 weeks, 7/26-8/23)

All ages (LIMITED TO 6 SKATERS): Mondays @ 3:00pm

Defenseman Clinic  (5 weeks, 7/26-8/23)

Squirts - Bantams: Mondays @ 4:00pm

Stickhandling & Shooting (5 weeks, 7/26-8/23)

Mites: Mondays @ 5:00pm

Squirts/PeeWees: Mondays @ 6:00pm

Checking Clinic  (5 weeks, 7/26-8/23)

Bantams: Mondays @ 7:00pm (SOLD OUT)


Mite/Squirt Skills Clinic  (5 weeks, 7/27-8/24)

Mites/Squirts: Tuesdays @ 4:00pm-5:50pm

Learn to Play (5 weeks, 7/27-8/24)

All ages: Tuesdays @ 6:00pm


Dangle Clinic (5 weeks, 7/28-8/24)

All ages (LIMITED TO 6 PARTICIPANTS): Wednesdays @ 3:00pm

Sniping Clinic (5 weeks, 7/28-8/24)

All ages (LIMITED TO 6 PARTICIPANTS): Wednesdays @ 4:00pm

Stickhandling & Shooting (5 weeks, 7/28-8/24)

Mites: Wednesdays @ 5:00pm

Squirts/PeeWees: Wednesdays @ 6:00pm


Power Skating  (5 weeks, 7/29-8/25)

All ages: Thursdays @ 3:00pm

Skate to Score With Peter Carruthers  (5 weeks, 7/29-8/25)

All ages: Thursdays @ 4:00pm

All ages - Advanced: Thursdays @ 5:00pm


  • Learn to Play Hockey

    This is the first step to achieving the dream of playing hockey. Players will learn to combine their skating skills with stick handling drills as well as general game concepts. The focus of this program is to have fun while learning the sport. All participants must be able to skate. Full equipment is required.

  • Shooting & Stickhandling

    Learn the basics and fundamentals in shooting and stickhandling along how to implement them successfully at your level. Players will work on technique, accuracy, power, and movement when shooting. The majority of the drills are done in battle and/or race situations that mimic game like conditions. Players gain skills and confidence by repeated repetitions under the duress of Micro Ice’s smaller surface.  

  • 3 Vs 3 Hockey Games

    We play “game like” so that you can “like your game!” We drop the puck and let the kids just play. Work on new moves, meet new friends, and have a blast playing the whole time.

  • Skate to Score with Peter Carruthers

    Players will work with Olympic silver medalist Peter Carruthers on stability, edges, maximizing stride, acceleration, versatility, dynamic pivoting and speed transitions. Peter’s unique experience and coaching style is great for all hockey players...

  • Power Skating

    Learn how to maximize the most power from each stride. Speed and skating power are developed through balance and edge utilization. We focus on speed bursts, changes of direction, reaction timing, acceleration, and coordination.

  • Skills Clinic

    Two hours of skill development with our professional staff. Work on skating, stickhandling, passing and shooting.

  • Defenseman

    Each session will focus on skills and tactics that are essential for all defensemen. Players in this clinic will learn skating techniques such as pivoting, along with puck control, shooting under pressure, recovering, and more!

  • Checking Clinic

    Players going from Peewee to Bantam make a jump into checking for the first time. Learn from our coaches about incorporating checking and body contact into your game. We teach the proper ways to initiate and receive body checks by focusing on technique, balance, and situational awareness. Our smaller surface makes contact inevitable and gives kids the confidence they need to play in checking leagues.

  • Dangle Clinic

    Limited space- 6 skaters only. Individualized technique drills to work on players hands.

  • Sniping Clinic

    Limited space- 6 skaters only. Work on shooting with individualized attention. We will be focusing on all of the shooting techniques and honing in on accuracy and power.

  • Acceleration Clinic

    Limited space- 6 skaters only. Work on the first couple strides: balance, agility, power and technique.


At Micro Ice, our philosophy is based on small group training in a smaller area at a high tempo with many repetitions. Our rink is one-third the size of standard rinks. For younger players, the smaller surface is more comfortable and less daunting. For older players, the smaller surface enhances intensity, forces faster decision making and improves quickness in shots and moves. Our experienced, professional coaches create game-like situations with maximum puck touches to accelerate player development. 

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