The Importance Of Fun In Hockey By Kim Brandvold

by David Breen in May 29th, 2017
APRIL 29TH, 2008

Fun is something that coaches and parents forget about when their young athletes start becoming good players and play at higher levels. Whatever happened to fun first then winning second? Fun creates excitement, which creates a good learning environment. A lot of times kids will not even know the right score of the game, but one thing is for sure: The parents always do…Sometimes parents gets as much or even more in to a game than the players, that is not right. USA Hockey had to create a new slogan (“relax it’s just a game”) because parents were getting out of control and fighting in the stands and yelling at coaches and the referees.

When a young player has fun, he/she wants to focus and they want to learn. We feel like we have created that kind of an environment here at Micro Ice and believe we can provide fun in combination with improvement, to the point where it’s an unbeatable experience.

The facts are that very few kids will play in the NHL, Hockey East or even in High School. Fewer and fewer kids make it to each level and that is important to know for parents, so they can focus on helping their young athletes develop and have fun while developing a love for the sport. Don’t rush around thinking that your son/daughter will make Division 1 College or the NHL, let him/her play with his/her friends and have fun!

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