A Microcosm Of Life By Lee-J Mirasolo

MARCH 25TH, 2009 “It’s just a game.” How many times have we heard or even used this hackneyed expression? The phrase is meant to settle the intense participants and avid fans whose emotional stability depends so highly on sports, but I have always wondered how much truth lies within its …

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After Being A Hockey Mom By Pat Markham

FEBRUARY 10TH, 2009 For 15 years you follow the children around from rink to rink. You purchase the Hockey Mom sweatshirt and personalized fleece with the organization logo. Your fall and winter calendar is filled with dates and times you’ll spend at the local ice arenas. Holidays are measured by …

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Micro Ice Methodology And Philosophy Of Training By The Micro Ice Partners

JANUARY 6TH, 2009 WHAT SEPARATES MICRO ICE FROM OTHER HOCKEY TRAINING? The factor that explains the most about learning hockey skills is called “Deliberate Practice”. This can only be achieved over a long period of time with professional feedback and coaching with a concentrated effort on a specific hockey skill. …

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A Correlation To Colvin By Lee-J Mirasolo

NOVEMBER 26TH, 2008 Many believe it is hard work that turns dreams into reality, but we at Micro Ice know differently. Do not misunderstand us. Hard work is an essential part of success both on the ice and off, but if it is not supplemented with smart work over an …

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Understanding The Game Of Hockey By Kim Brandvold

JUNE 10TH, 2008 Skill in hockey is a very complex thing and there are so many aspects of hockey skills that people usually get confused with what really matters. Skating is one skill, which we can all agree on is a very important part. Then there is stickhandling, meaning quick …

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The Road To College By Michael Boyle

JUNE 9TH, 2008 Parents are being misled. Yes, all the tournament and camp organizers are deliberately misleading you. Parents shell out thousands of dollars for exposure camps and exposure tournaments for their son’s or daughter’s. The organizers tell you that attending a certain camp or playing in a certain tournament …

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The Importance Of Fun In Hockey By Kim Brandvold

APRIL 29TH, 2008 Fun is something that coaches and parents forget about when their young athletes start becoming good players and play at higher levels. Whatever happened to fun first then winning second? Fun creates excitement, which creates a good learning environment. A lot of times kids will not even …

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