Summer Power Skating at Micro Ice 

by David Breen

Power skating is an over-used term in the hockey world. What is it? I believe power skating is increasing efficiency in a skater’s stride. If you are effectively transferring all of your weight from one foot to the other while skating, you will have a powerful stride. There are lots of factors that go into weight transfer, but at a high level, that is what we are trying to accomplish. 

 How do we do it?

We hammer the fundamentals. Whether I am working with professional players, Olympic athletes, or even my five year old son in learn to play, we are pretty much doing the same drills to start each practice. We do a lot of work on one foot, to get players used to the balance, body positioning, and feel of having all of their weight on one foot, then we bend our knees and push as hard as we can and switch our feet and transfer all of the weight to the other foot. 

From here, the drills progress into more difficult and faster skating, depending on the level and ability of the player. We add pucks, competition drills, and various other ways to challenge our players. But if they are not good at transferring their weight, then they will struggle skating with or without the puck. 

The great thing about Micro Ice is the small groups. The limited skaters and the number of professional coaches helps us to work directly with each skater. 


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