Summer Stickhandling at Micro Ice

by David Breen

Practicing against inanimate objects has very little translatability to making plays in hockey. Cones don’t actively try to steal pucks and because of this, they do not provide the feedback required to make better decisions while under pressure. This is why at Micro Ice, we do a lot of battle situations. We want the players to try and make plays while under real pressure. 

A lot of what we focus on in a stickhandling clinic is building confidence with the puck. Can a player control the puck and make the next play? Whether is skating it, passing it, deking someone, or shooting it; if a player lacks confidence with the puck, it becomes very difficult to make that next play. 

The smaller surface at Micro Ice forces the player to have to make more plays in a smaller space. When the player then plays in a game, they have more time and space to make plays, and the game becomes a lot easier for them. Our smaller groups ensure each player gets tons of reps in game like situations. This is the best way to develop skills and confidence with the puck!


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